Four agreements and memorandum of cooperation signed to boost social responsibility in Duqm

February 10, 2020

Tawasul Foundation signed a number of agreements and memorandum of cooperation with different organizations to implement social responsibility programs at Duqm.

Tawasul Foundation signed today a number of agreements and memorandum of cooperation with different organizations to implement social responsibility programs at Duqm. The programs are focused on various fields such as entrepreneurship, training for development and employment, health and environment, and support for sports clubs and associations. 

The signing ceremony was attended by His Excellency Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm and representatives from companies operating in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZD). 

Tawasul is a development foundation established by SEZAD in partnership with a number of corporates, operating within SEZD, to implement sustainable community projects that serve local communities in Duqm in particular and Al Wusta Governorate in general.

Training for development
The first memorandum of cooperation was signed by Tawasul Foundation and Sultan Qaboos University to explore cooperation opportunities in the fields of research, training and development, building human capacities, raising awareness, exchanging knowledge. These opportunities touch on developing and implementing different initiatives related to sustainable community investment, social and economic development at Duqm in particular and Al Wusta Governorate in general. The University will also, in coordination with Tawasul, work on developing the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for Tawasul. 

In accordance with this memorandum, the two parties will work closely to achieve joint objectives by participating in many activities together, including combined research projects, competences development initiatives, seminars, training sessions, panel and round table discussions, knowledge sharing programs and other initiatives. 

Within the framework of the University’s endeavor to achieve the goals, it will act as Tawasul’s arm for research and development through the Omani Studies Center at the University. Part of the Center’s mission would be conducting research consultations and helping Tawasul to develop certain programs whenever required.  

Supporting communities
Another cooperation agreement was signed by Tawasul and Oman LNG Development Foundation to focus on implementing joint social responsibility and community service programs. This agreement comes in line with the interest to benefit from the experience of Oman LNG in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Therefore, it is aimed at creating a greater positive social impact on society as well as exchanging expertise and best practices in sustainable CSR projects. Besides, the agreement will allow both parties to exchange training and development experiences between employees concerned about CSR. 

The third agreement, signed by Tawasul with Beyond Measure Group, provides training and qualifying opportunities for 15 young male and female entrepreneurs from Duqm and introduces them to supply chain opportunities offered by Tawasul’s partners and other corporates in Duqm.

The training opportunities will focus on a number of basic skills in entrepreneurship, requirements of a successful entrepreneur, laws, and procedures, which an entrepreneur must be aware of. Further, it will also help to familiarise entrepreneurs with different corporates in Duqm and its services in addition to marketing, financial management, human resource management, customer service, and other areas.

According to the agreement, entrepreneurs, who are on their start-up phase, will be guided to develop their plans. As for those who already own business, they will be supported by giving them direct contracts from the companies operating at Duqm. 
Training for employment
The fourth agreement was signed with the International Gulf Institute for training and employing around 50 to 100 young male and female Omanis from Duqm. The participants will be enrolled in a training-for-employment program, which is based on the job opportunities offered by the companies in Duqm as per their potential requirements. Those corporates are committed to hiring the trainees' post completing their training. 
This program aims to provide well-qualified cadres for companies operating in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, increase their Omanisation rate and offer job opportunities in the founding companies of "Tawasul".

The agreements and memorandum were signed on behalf of Tawasul Foundation by Muna bint Said Al Shukaili, CEO of Tawasul Foundation, and Dr. Rahma bint Ibrahim Al Mahrooqi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research from Sultan Qaboos University, Khalid bin Abdullah Al Massan, CEO of Oman LNG Development Foundation, Mona Bakhour, Founder & CEO of Beyond Measure Group and on behalf of the International Gulf Institute, Dr. Ahmed Al Farsi, Chairman of Gulf Group for Training and Sustainability.