Takatuf And Sezad Sign Mou To Establish A Programme For The Development Of Human Resources In Duqm

November 23, 2014

The Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm (SEZAD) and Takatuf Oman LLC (Takatuf), the Human Capital arm of Oman Oil Company (OOC), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enter into a partnership to develop and manage a general program that aims to qualify and strengthen the human capacity of residents in Al-Wusta Governorate.

The MoU was signed by H.E. Yahya bin Said bin Abdullah Al Jabri Chairman of SEZAD, and Eng. Isam bin Saud Al-Zadjali, the CEO of Oman Oil Company and Chairman of (Takatuf) Oman.

The MoU stipulates the cooperation between SEZAD and Takatuf Oman to develop training programs to qualify the citizens of Al-Wusta governorate and to enhance their abilities to fill available jobs at Duqm. These training programs will focus on the basic skills of human resources in work environment in general. According to the MoU, the cooperation between SEZAD and Takatuf will be to determine the required training programs and to design the training plan to ensure the quality of the outcome.

H.E. Yahya bin Said Al Jabri emphasized the importance of this MoU in building local expertise. He said that SEZAD is committed to the development of Al-Wusta Governorate and the development of its human resources whichis an integral part of our mission to contribute to the growth of the local economy.

H.E. added that the signing of this MoU is an important step towards realizing our vision to revitalize the economic role of Al-Wusta Governorate and to contribute to achieving sustainability and to train and qualify the required capable staff that can contribute effectively in operating the planned projects that will be set up at SEZD. SEZAD looks forward to work side by side with Oman Oil Company and Takatuf Oman in this project to ensure its successful implementation.

On his part, Eng. Isam Al-Zadjali said, “Takatuf Oman plays a vital role in the continuous efforts made by Oman Oil Company and its subsidiaries in the field of human capital development. We aim to contribute to the Sultanate’s efforts in providing programs and systems of technical and vocational training for young people in industrial areas to commensurate with future demands for skilled and talented professionals. We concentrate our efforts in order to create added-value to local communities, and through this strategic partnership with SEZAD we look forward to realizing that goal. We would like to reiterate our endeavors to realize the vision of the company through the integration of corporate sustainability practices in ways that would benefit the community and businesses as well.

Takatuf Oman,the Human Capital arm of Oman Oil Company (OOC), carried out several training programs for the development of human resources ofsubsidiaries of Oman Oil Company. Takatuf is proud to be a part of this initiative, which would contribute in supporting the efforts being made for the development of the local community in Duqm.

Oman Oil Company is developing a number of investment ventures at Duqm in line with the government’s efforts to develop SEZD as it is a promising investment destination, which is aligned with Oman Oil Company’s strategy to develop leading industrial destinations in the country. Oman Oil Company believes that this cooperation with SEZAD will contribute to strengthening the vital social responsibility role played by the company which requires the company to add value to the communities where the Company is planning to develop new projects in and to work to strengthen the capacities of young Omanis to keep up with future needs for skilled and unskilled jobs by providing them with sufficient training programs.