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Project Management Manager
(Omani Candidates Only)

  • Closing date: Feb 04, 2023
  • Reference: T013
Prime Objectives

To lead, direct & guide the Project Management Department and its various disciplines (Roads, Special Projects) at Tatweer, liaise with Consultants & Contractors, direct project team in designing highly efficient and effective project schedules, oversee all technical activities of the Project Management Department and ensure timely completion of SEZAD’s and any other clients projects in accordance with the specifications and set milestones.

Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Devise the strategic direction for the Projects Management Unit, which includes setting up of the long-term and short-term objectives of the Unit.

  2. Responsible for setting KPIs for the unit on an annual basis considering the performance of the unit based on the previous year and monitor the KPIs on a regular basis.

  3. Represent Projects unit during the annual review meetings, share performance reports with respect to the unit, address and discuss key challenges of the unit.

  4. Explore strategic alliance opportunities for Tatweer, negotiate with the various contactors and consultants in coordination with Technical support department.


  1. Review budgeted vs actual figures and arrive at best estimates to predict future cost estimates required for each project.

  2. Check all cash flow, budget spent at various phases of the project and accordingly estimate future estimations, cost variations, etc.

  3. Participate in Contractual meetings to identify variations.



  4. Liaise with SEZAD Urban Planning Department regularly to discuss and plan the execution of existing and future projects.

  5. Responsible for developing the Scope of Work, Request for proposals & Terms of reference (for appointment of Consultant) for new projects in coordination with the SEZAD Procurement Department and internal project management team.

  6. Nominate project in-charge/second in-charge for projects as per discipline, review proposals to and identify key opportunities and risks involved.

  7. Coordinate with SEZAD Procurement Committee (SPC)/SEZAD Tender Committee (STC), participate in tender review meetings for evaluating bids (technical/financial evaluation), plan for and mitigate risks by scrutinizing proposals for any obscure points, which might be misperceived and ensure a proper risk assessment/management when reviewing bids.

  8. Liaise with shortlisted consultant, review preliminary & detailed designs prepared by Consultant

  9. Coordinate with Tatweer Quantity surveyor or External quantity surveyor for project costing, provide necessary inputs and finalize the project cost in conjunction with Consultant


  10. Liaise with SEZAD STC/SPC & Consultant for preparation of Tender documents for appointment of Contractor.

  11. Review Tender documents prepared by Consultant and provide inputs as and when necessary.

  12. Review and analyze tenders and Bill of quantities (BOQ’s) to identify discrepancies & missing items/ documents and inform consultants of the required changes to be made to ensure each item is priced appropriately and approved.

  13. Coordinate with SEZAD Procurement Committee (SPC)/SEZAD Tender Committee (STC), Consultant for floating of tender for appointment of Contractor, participate in tender review meetings for evaluating bids (technical/financial evaluation), plan for and mitigate risks by scrutinizing proposals for any obscure points, which might be misperceived and ensure a proper risk assessment/management when reviewing bids.

  14. To direct and control execution of projects (in coordination with Consultant) across disciplines (Marine, Buildings, Dams & Channels, Special project etc.  as per the schedules prepared by Contractor to ensure its completion to the standards required within agreed timescales and to the agreed budget level.

  15. Participate in project kickoff meetings and review meetings as necessary to determine the project dynamics for successful execution of projects.

  16. Review drawings (construction & shop drawings) prepared by Contractors and approve the same.

  17. Coordinate with Consultant/internal team members for laboratory testing of Materials; review results and materials are as per the specifications mentioned in the Tender.

  18. Monitor and assess the suitability of materials, qualified materials and coordinate with consultants to present the produced results as per the project specification.

  19. Direct/Instruct Project engineers to undertake sampling of all materials on site for borrow pit materials like soil, concrete, asphalt; check and verify these materials in laboratory ensuring materials suitability and weather they qualify as per project specifications.

  20. Conduct Site visits, liaise with Consultants, Contractors, and coordinate with the project team to ensure that the resources are properly utilized and the project time schedules are properly met and ensure maximum productivity.

  21. Liaise with Subcontractors as and when necessary, review progress of sub-contractors.

  22. Evaluate cost effective solutions and application of value added in the area of strategy, plan, specifications, method and procedure throughout the project lifecycle.

  23. Attend progress review meetings to ensure the progress of the project and revisit the project charter if any changes are to be incorporated.

  24. Attend regular HSE meetings with Contractors for projects & ensure safety measures are adhered at all times at all project location

  25. Apply cost effective solutions and application of value added in the area of strategy, plan, specifications, method and procedure throughout the assigned project.

  26. Coordinate with Quantity surveyor for review of Interim Payment Certificates (IPC) and ensure IPCs are in alignment with completion of work.

  27. Nominate project close-out team, oversee the process of performance testing, commissioning, and subsequently responsible for complete handover.

  28. Responsible for project close-out, oversee handover of documents upon performance testing and responsible for handover of assets to the Asset Management/Facility Management team of Tatweer.

    People Development

  29. Lead department contribution to Tatweer’s Omanization targets through the setting of goals/KPIs in relation to the hiring and development of Omani Nationals into the workforce.

  30. Embrace and drive continuous Human Capital improvements through business-driven initiatives or as directed by Tatweer Human Resources Department.

  31. Complete the necessary tasks as requested by Management/Directors on people development areas. 

key Interactions

1. Internal

  • All Business & Support Units

  • SEZAD Procurement Department

  • SEZAD Urban Planning Department

  • As part of day to day activities

  • To discuss project budgets and tenders

  • To discuss pipeline of new projects

2. External

  • Consultants and other stakeholders such as ROP, Marafi, RAECO, Ministries and other Government Entities

  • For project related issues and queries

3. Level of external interaction

  • This position has high level of external interaction.


Required Skills, Experience & Qualification



  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent post graduate degree (MBA or equivalent) is an added advantage.


  •  +8 years of similar work experience with a minimum of 6 years in Civil field with exposure to EPC projects


  • PMP Certification

Behavioural Competencies

Visionary Leadership


People Management and Development


Business Acumen


Process Orientation


Influencing & Decision Making


Customer Focus


Technical Competencies

Project Management Strategy


Project Planning


Contract Management


Project control and Reporting


Cost & Financial Management






  • Monthly/weekly project site visits as per project requirements