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Finance Manager
(Omani Candidates Only)

  • Closing date: Feb 04, 2023
  • Reference: T014
Prime Objectives

To guide and direct the activities of the accounting division by developing policies, processes and systems for accounting; organizing, maintaining and directing all general accounting activities and functions, which include recording and maintenance of the company’s financial records, financial statement preparation, tax compliance, payroll processing and audit coordination to ensure that the accounts of the company are prepared and reported in timely and accurate manner


Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Monitor the accounting function by monitoring accounts receivable, payable, treasury, payroll, general ledger preparation, financial statements and to ensure that financial accounting is done in a timely and accurate manner.

Payroll & Payroll Personnel:

  1. Review the monthly payroll for all employees by liaising with HR which includes over times, deductions, allowances, to ensure timely deposit of salaries in the bank.

  2. Preparation of Annual appraisal (Calculation of Cost Impact) of Expatriate & National Staff.

  3. Responding to clarification from on Payroll related Provisions.

  4. Reviewing Employment requisitions in HRMS system. Identifying exceptions and highlighting it to the Management.

Accounts Receivable:

  1. Review on daily/weekly basis on Receivables and Unbilled balances.

  2. Coordinate with department managers on high risk items.

  3. Review and validate all invoices prepared by Accountants.

  4.  Manage the accounting process of invoicing to ensure that invoices are made to customers, invoices are accounted, payments are recovered on time.

Accounts Payables:

  1. Responsible for receiving invoices from vendors and updating the same in the system, also contact vendors in case of any issues.

  2. Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the payables function.

  3. Responsible for coordinating internally within the department and ensure sufficient funds are available in the Bank Accounts before initiating/processing any transfers.

  4. Responsible for carrying out reconciliations for store and reconciliations.

  5. Responsible for overseeing day-to-day overseas payment and processing foreign supplier’s payments.

Insurance & Treasury:


  1. Develop and maintain relationship with local, regional and international bankers and Insurance Companies.

  2. Follow-up on periodic basis on settlement of claims.

  3. Reviewing of Claim documents and authorizing claims.

  4. Review Cash flow on a weekly basis and manage funds/receivables to minimize interest cost.


  1. Review of Contracts and Sub-contract agreement on Insurance, Payment Terms and compliance as per Manual of Authority.

  2. Provide financial inputs to Business Development Team for tender/prequalification.

  3. Preparation of Annual Consolidated Financial Statement for Tatweer.

  4. Monitor compliance with predefined financial formats and policies and monitor preparation of the required financial reports to be filed with the required government bodies/authorities to ensure that the company complies with all compliance requirements stipulated by the law.

  5. Coordinate and oversee the maintenance of all financial records and supporting financial documents related to the company and carry out timely updates and review of documents to ensure it meets with the financial legal requirements.

  6. Producing long term business plans based on company data.

  7. Implementing reporting processes to minimize financial risk.

  8. Support line manager in creating company budget and reviewing and updating as when required.

  9. Any other work required by the management.

People Development

  1. Lead department contribution to Tatweer’s Omanization targets through the setting of goals/KPIs in relation to the hiring and development of Omani Nationals into the workforce.

  2. Embrace and drive continuous Human Capital improvements through business driven initiatives or as directed by Tatweer Human Resources Department.

Complete the necessary tasks as requested by Management/Directors on people development areas

Required Skills, Experience & Qualification


1. Internal

  • All Business & Support Units

  • As a part of day to day activities

2. External

  • Banks, Investors, Creditors, Government & Financial Bodies

  • As a part of day to day activities


3. Level of external interaction

  • This position requires high level of external interaction




  • Bachelors’ Degree in Finance


  • 8 – 10 years of relevant experience

Business Understanding:

  • This position requires a high level of business understanding




  • This position follows the HSE policies and procedures set by the company